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1992 , "kaxilong" children's shoes brand was founded in Jinjiang Chinese shoes.

2002 , a popular child star Kasiron enabled "jingle" as the spokesperson, to enhance the brand visibility.

2004 , the new kaxilong Industrial Park was officially settled in Chendai Andou village in Jinjiang city.

2006 , kaxilong company fully into the "gold" "love" "KaKa" "West" and "dragon" Wulong cartoon image. In the same year, Kasiron reached a strategic partnership with the Golden Eagle cartoon, the exclusive title of gold medal children's column, "innocence hit the earth".

2007 , Kasiron and Niu Dongwen enable child star Yang Zi spokesmen for the image, a comprehensive upgrade of the brand.

2008 , Kasiron won the "China well known trademark" and "the credibility of textile logo," the honorary title of one of the Chinese children's shoes industry as one of the benchmark brands.

2009 , Kasiron was awarded the "eighth Chinese table tennis table tennis tournament" strategic partnership, the finals only designated brand shoes.

2009 , Kasiron became golden eagle cartoon TV baby GO designated equipment, set off a wave of entertainment marketing industry.

2010 , Kasiron and the China leather and footwear industry Research Institute reached a strategic partnership.

2010 , Lamar Kasiron child star Yang Zi and invited Taiwan pop star as a spokesperson little bin.

2011 , Kasiron fully sponsored the Eleventh National Middle School Students Games, won the "the eleventh session of the games only designated children's clothing brand" honorary title.

2011 , Fujian province children's health care technology research center "and" Quanzhou Hua college students employment training base "opening ceremony was held in the headquarters of kaxilong.

2011 , Kasiron Wulong cartoon "Jin" whiskers "" KaKa "" West "and" dragon "image of a comprehensive upgrade.

2011 , Kasiron enabled a new Chinese English brand LOGO logo "CASLON Kasiron"

2012 , kaxilong "hope children" growth of public welfare activities have entered the Henan Huojia County, Gansu Jingtai County, Guizhou County chahe.

2015 , Kasiron once again hand in hand Golden Eagle TV, sponsored hit column baby forward chong.

2017 , a strategic partnership with Kasiron Hunan, Beijing Golden Eagle cartoon cartoon animation drama "Kaku, independent Kasiron Xunlong Ji" in the channel hit.